Born in Norwich, Leah is a poet and clinical hypnotherapist who specialises in therapeutic writing and mindfulness of dreams and sleep. She is also a member of the Guild of Health Writers and a contributor to various magazines.

She has an MA in Creative Writing and is currently undertaking further training with the International Federation of Biblio-Poetry Therapy, studying to be a Certified Poetry Therapist. She is also training to be a mindfulness teacher and gestalt psychotherapist. 


Her poetry is often metaphysical and the exploration of dreams and the unconscious also informs a large part of her work. Since adolescence she has been a lucid dreamer, and in recent years, this nocturnal pursuit has inspired many of her poems.


Her debut collection, for which she has been mentored by Mimi Khalvati, was partly written during postnatal depression, explores sleep deprivation, dreams, the different stages of sleep, consciousness and the ‘shadow self’. She uses poetry to capture her dream world and ‘shadow work’ experiences. ​

Her maternal side is Maltese and Sicilian, and her paternal is British. After a decade working in London, including a spell living on three different islands in the Caribbean, she has since returned to her home-county of Norfolk, where she is happiest.

"Thought-provoking, lyrical, disturbing, and yet bewitching..." ~ Penelope Shuttle

"Frightening and powerful" ~ Ink, Sweat, Tears